We continued to deliver benefactors' donations to those in need in tens of countries on three continents this January as well.In particular, we contributed to warming the hearts of those in need who severely suffer the winter's cold.We delivered 231 tonnes of coal to the helpless destitute against the cold. 

We built 55 briquette houses for displaced refugee brothers and sisters. We handed out 4 thousand 250 pairs of winter relief packs to those in need. And also, we handed out 8 thousand 483 blankets to those in need who are helpless against the winter's cold. With your support, you did not leave them alone this month. We repaired the 2880 damaged tents of war-weary needy people going through difficult times in Syria.

 We stood by those in need in summer's heat of Africa as well as in winter's cold. We completed the construction of 97 water wells from which 25 thousand people benefited this month. We slaughtered 511 nadhr-aqeeqah qurbanis sensitively in such a way that 14.343 needy people could benefit from them. We distributed 11 thousand 725 pieces of food.

By delivering 10 thousand 713 food packages to those in need, we shared in the blessings of their tables.We distributed 213 thousand 650 pieces of bread to war-weary Syrian brothers and sisters incapable of meeting their basic needs with your support. We did not leave brothers and sisters who are educated in the Quran alone. We tried to support 272 prospective hafiz brothers and sisters in memorizing the Quran by granting them scholarships. The project of The World Reads The Quran continues at full speed. 40 thousand 125 pieces of mushaf (collection of pages of the Qur'an) were handed out to those in need. 

We delivered your support to 11 thousand 722 orphaned brothers and sisters entrusted to the Ummah (the Islamic community) by our beloved Prophet (PBUH). This month, 8 thousand people benefited from "The Doors Of Kindness" opened all over Turkey. Our 142 volunteers completed the search and rescue training successfully. We would like to express our gratitude to valuable benefactors who provided full support to those in need. 

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A truckload of food arrived in the disaster area and was distributed.

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Let’s shed the light of Quran on hearts

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