The Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association supports over 10 thousand orphaned children, especially in Turkey, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Syria, Sudan, Cambodia, Somalia, Chad, Indonesia, and many other countries. 

An average of 10 thousand children are left orphaned daily due to wars, natural disasters, and conflicts. The number of orphaned children across the globe has exceeded 200 million, and according to unofficial figures, this number is over 400 million. Orphaned children sometimes fall into the hands of criminal organizations or sometimes of organ mafias, unless no one holds their hand. 

Hayrat Aid has launched the project "Be Hope For An Orphan" to protect orphans from external dangers, alleviate their financial needs, and meet their moral needs. Within this project, donors undertake the sponsorship of an orphan directly as "An Orphan Sponsor" and support an orphan in stationery expenses, clothing, food, and needs with a monthly donation. According to the sponsorship program, 125 TL per month can cover an orphan's wide variety of needs. Also, it is possible to cover the one year-sponsorship-cost in one go. 

While the project is currently ongoing, on May 22, Hayrat Aid announced that the number of orphan sponsors had reached 10 thousand and thanked donors. 

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