We give out the copies of the Noble Quran, which have reached Kenya, as part of The World Reads The Quran project. We realized the Holy Quran, Alif Ba, and Yasin Juz distributions in the madrasas in Mandera, located between Ethiopia and Somali.  

Location in the photos is Sunnah Madrasa which is active for 22 years now and accommodates 1.048 students currently. 

The head teacher of the madrasa stated that they were provided aid for the first time here and they were very pleased that the aid was the Holy Quran. 


We have handed out 340.000 copies of the Holy Quran to brothers so far. We would like to express our gratitude to all donors. May Allah accept all your good deeds. 

You can donate a copy of the Quran by texting KURAN to 7870 or online donate as many Quran as you wish. Per Quran 19 TL

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