“Sacrifice yourself for kindness,” said we. We invited all our sympathizers to our campaign. We set off a journey to 30 countries together with all the compassion ambassadors who accepted our invitation. We said hi for you to the hearts that are waiting for us and in need of compassion, determined their needs, and got your charities to the languish feelings, and brought their heartful greetings to you.

Hayrat Humanitarian Aid became the voice of 30 countries and cheered up the hearts in this Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice). They built heart bridges from Turkey to the faraway lands. With the motto “Sacrifices to Allah, kindness to our brothers,” they experienced the enthusiasm and joy of the holiday together with our brothers.


Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Philippines, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Syria, Myanmar, Pakistan, Patani, Sri Lanka, and Sudan experienced the enthusiasm and joy of the holiday together with Hayrat Humanitarian Aid. The meat from the sacrificed animal reached our brothers in need. The taste of friendship, love, and sharing remain in the hearts.


Hayrat Aid does not ignore the tiny hearts in the holiday. They cheered the children up in all the countries we have been to with toys, shoes, candies, and balloons that will liven up their world. Our orphans in these countries enjoyed the holiday with the new clothes presented by Hayrat Aid.

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