The project of `let the orphans recover` in which the health needs of 700 orphan brothers and sisters meet continues without pausing.As of August 29th, the health screenings of hundreds of orphans have been completed in Şanlıurfa. The number of orphans whose health screenings are completed has reached 400 with the donors' support and with the doctors' altruistic efforts. We continue the activities.

Much as health screenings may seem like routine procedures, they are vital, especially for children.Just as children cannot observe their development, they may also be unable to observe the problems and troubles during development. Generally, children's health problems are understood by parents, and precautions are taken by parents once again.Thousands of orphaned children who grow up deprived of these opportunities continue their lives unaware of health problems.Therefore, we launched the project of `let the orphans recover.

The health screenings of hundreds of orphan brothers and sisters were completed last Sunday, August 29th, with the participation of the mayor of Şanlıurfa, the mayor of Karaköprü, and the mayor of Haliliye.Besides, the number of orphan brothers and sisters who have received health screening has exceeded 400.The project is completed by %80. We would like to express our gratitude to all donors and volunteers. 

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