The Islamic world has passed through yet another Raghaib night. While Muslims worldwide welcome the holy months with peace and joy, certain geographies in the world still face challenging conditions. 

We contributed to the delivery of a great deal of aid to these geographies with the support of esteemed philanthropists on the Laylat Al-Raghaib as well. As Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association, we offered more than 30.000 charity meals in 14 countries on this blessed night. 

Several people in need also benefited from the meals distributed in Turkey. Our volunteers who brought the blessings of Raghaib to the arid geographies realized the hot meal distribution in seven countries.We came together with those in need in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mauritania, Niger, Somalia, Sudan and Tanzania. And we also continued to offer charity meals to the war-weary in war territories where fear and hunger still reign. 

We didn’t leave the oppressed alone in Palestine under the cruel oppression of Israel and in Syria, devastated by the war.We took part in bringing a smile to the faces of those in need by distributing charity meals in countries such as Cambodia and Sri Lanka in Asia, where financial difficulties engulf life. We delivered the hot meals prepared with the support of the philanthropists in Yemen and our brother country Pakistan as well. 

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Hayrat Aid received Sheikh Raid Salah

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