We sent 10 truckloads of food and cloth assistance to the war-weary people living in Idlib. Of the 10 aid trucks prepared, 3 are potatoes, 3 are onions, 3 are food packages, and 1 are women's and children's clothes. 

The farewell ceremony of the trucks was honored by Şükür Çakır, Gebze representative of Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association, Mustafa Güler, Gebze District Governor, Zinnur Büyükgöz, Gebze Mayor, Kocaeli Metropolitan Deputy Mayor, and Gebze Mufti. 

We planned to meet the food needs of tens of thousands of war-weary families with these trucks of aid loaded with 75 tons of onion, 95 tons of potatoes, and 3000 food packages. However, due to economic issues caused by conflicts and civil war, the number of the various needs reached the maximum. The need for clothing is as crucial as the one for food. In order to respond to this need to a certain extent, one of 10 trucks was prepared as a new clothing aid. 

The trucks we prepared with the efforts of our Kocaeli - Gebze Representative Office and the support of our donors departed for Idlib, where the war-weary innocents live, in the accompaniment of prayers. 

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