Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association is launching the Winter Aid campaign for the people of Syrian war victims people who migrated to Turkey and struggling under the harsh conditions of winter. As part of the campaign, distribution of stoves, fuel, and winter clothing will be held to oppressed and needy families living in tent cities.

Our association, which has been trying to meet the needs of oppressed families affected by the war regularly since 2010, will not leave them alone this year. Families, whose struggles with the difficulties caused by the winter cold are growing, and they are waiting for help from their brothers. Vulnerable cubs who face all kinds of difficulties with their tiny bodies will be given winter clothes to spend this winter without cold. Many of the orphaned cubs will not be cold and will not sleep hungry with your support this winter.

Our association will help winter clothes so that children do not get cold, meet their basic bread needs with the distribution of flour, food package, help of fuel, and stove will heat the places they live. Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association, which does not leave the oppressed and the afflicted alone with your support since its establishment, will also keep their hands this year.

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