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Today, thousands of innocent Muslims living in the Central Africa are murdered and exposed to tortures as a result of cruel and systematic attacks of armed gangs simply because they are Muslim. In the Republic of Central Africa where the mosques are burned, and houses and workplaces are plundered, more than 1 million people were made refugees as a result of these cases.

The Muslim people exposed to life-threatening danger by the gangs within the locations where they live resorted to escape. The people who have to leave their houses had to take shelter in much secure regions, or even neighboring countries. Such escape resulted in another drama, and led to the creation of such camps that are lack of vital needs in the regions they have gone to, and such human tragedy continued to be experienced. The requirements of the refugees accommodating at these camps are tried to be supplied by the NGOs.

In addition, the distant location of this geography makes it hard to deliver the aids, and highly increases the costs. It is almost for sure that the rainy season that will begin 2 months later will negatively affect both the lives of the refugees, and also the aid organizations held by the humanitarian aid organizations.

The persecution in which the international communities are not involved, and caused as a result of biased attitude of France which have intervened in beyond just being not involved in it has now become a much more complicated situation.

Efforts have been just started to be put for the camps located in the region as coordinated by the Humanitarian Aid Platform. It is tried to immediately deliver such immediate aids required as medical supplies, medicines, food, and sheltering articles, etc. from Turkey to the region. As the Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association, we try to immediately supply such aid materials as medicine, medical supplies, food, clothing, and sheltering for the people as refugees who have taken shelter within the Republic of Central Africa and neighboring countries.

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