The project “The World Reads The Quran, which we launched to deliver the Glorious Quran, which is the greatest miracle of Prophet Muhammad, the savior of the universe and the last prophet of humanity, to our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world, continues to reach hundreds of thousands with the spiritual bridge it has built from heart to heart.

Millions of Muslims have no access to the Quran in many geographies, especially in Africa. Trying to learn the Book of the universe, Muslims can learn the Quran sometimes only by heart and sometimes by writing verses out of the Quran on tree leaves, sand, or pieces of wood called Luh. All these efforts they resorted to due to impossibilities keep the love for the Quran alive in their hearts forever.

As part of the project “The World Reads The Quran,” Hayrat Aid will strengthen the love for the Quran in the hearts of students of knowledge by uniting thousands of them with the Book of the universe with the motto “let there be no one without access to the Quran” in coordination with MÜSİAD. 

To support the project, you can donate any amount you wish to the bank accounts belonging to Hayrat Aid and opened on behalf of MÜSİAD. 

Account Name: Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association

Account Number: 999991 Supplementary Number: 65

IBAN: TR11 0020 5000 0009 9999 1000 65

The World Reads the Quran ''One Million Quran Project''


MÜSİAD (Independent Industrialists And Businessmen Association)

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