We have reached a new blessed Ramadan. As in every month of Ramadan, we set out to deliver your entrusted donations to those in need in Turkey and different countries during this Ramadan. 


The dark continent, which continues to exist with an widespread devastation as a result of its political and economical exploitation, is home to various Muslim countries. There were more than 10 African countries amongst the 36 countries that we delivered aid to during the previous Ramadan. And again, we will not forget the needy people in Africa during this Ramadan as we have not before.  

We contributed to the blessings of the tables of 361.700 needy people by sharing in their joy in Ramadan 2021. As to this Ramadan, we aim to distribute 600.000 Iftar meals.


We have set the goals for food package donations. We shared in the blessings of the Iftar tables set up in thousands of homes with 55.609 food packages we distributed last year. As to this Ramadan, we aim to distribute 80.000 food packages.

We do not forget the children waiting for Eid Gifts during this month of Ramadan in which we will deliver your donations to 45 countries. Last year, we delivered Eid gifts to 11.029 needy kids and contributed to their happiness. We also would like to increase this number to 15.000 during this month of Ramadan. 

In Africa, the Balkans, the Far East and so many more oppressed geographies, people welcome the joy of Ramadan under the shadow of their needs. We set out to raise the joy of Ramadan, which Iftars without tables and children without Eid gifts make it bittersweet, this Ramadan as well.

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