Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association also maintains their iftar (fast-breaking meal) organizations in Sudan. Iftar tables were set at two universities located in the capital Khartum. An iftar organization was held for a total of 2000 people including 1500 students at the International African University, and 500 students at Kur'an-ı Kerim University in Omdurman. 

At the program held with the contributions of the Inegol Municipality, Prof. Dr. Kemal Muhammed Ubeyd, the Chancellor of African University, and Mr. Alinur Aktas, the Mayor of Inegol, made a speech.

The Chancellor Ubeyd said, “I am having a very happy day. We see very important friends from Turkey with us here. I would like to thank them very much for being with us. In addition, we are really glad to receive Turkish students at our University. We also really pleased to receive you here." Moreover, talking about their training projects carried out in cooperation with the Hayrat Foundation, Mr. Ubeyd also conveyed his thanks to the Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association for the aid operations they have performed in Sudan.

Mr. Aktas, the Mayor of Inegol, spoke with the following words:


 "We have had two fully busy days in Khartum, the capital of Sudan. We have had various contacts, and gained very beautiful friendships. Hayrat Foundation achieves very good works here. May Allah bless everybody. This is how to contest for kindness. Additionally, I would like to thank individually all our philantrophic businessmen who have provided full support to set these iftar tables. May Allah multiply one by a thousand. We try to be mediators in good faith. Of course, the representatives of Hayrat Foundation have put great endeavors especially for our Sudan visit, the iftar organization held there, and other meetings. They have established very good friendships and collaborations here. I would like to celebrate those who have contributed to our efforts, and also pay my respects to all our citizens studying here.”

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