Sacrificing Gets You Closer to Allah

Philanthropic donators of the Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association will cheered up those in need and orphans all around the world with the secret of the hadith saying "Those who contribute just like those who make” with their sacrifices. The meat of sacrificed animals to be delivered to those in need in more than 20 countries will be distributed by the teams of Hayrat Aid.

In the regions which have dense needy Muslim population, especially Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Pattani, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Sudan, the animals will be sacrificed in accordance with the Islamic procedures under the direct supervision of the Hayrat Aid officers.


In the campaign prepared under 3 different categories including National, International, and Syria, the prices for the animals to be sacrificed are set to be TRY 550,00 in Turkey, TRY 350,00 for abroad, and TRY 450 for Syria. The donators can contribute to the sacrifice campaign by specifying for which duty they would like to have the animal they want sacrificed.


The animals to be sacrificed which will be bought from the countries and regions where surveys will be conducted by the Hayrat Aid teams will be slaughtered after the holiday prayers, and the meat of these animals will be distributed to those in need. The donators will also be informed about the animals to be sacrificed on their behalf.

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