The places of worship that unite Muslims on earth have always been temples that make us feel unity, solidarity and brotherhood in our hearts deeply. One of those temples is Yunus Emre Masjid, completed with the support of our donors in the Saga Sahara village of Niger. 

We continue to relieve Africa, deprived both materially and morally by political and economic colonization, with your help. There is great news from Saga Sahara village near Niamey city of Niger. The construction of the masjid that we started in response to the need for it in the region has been completed. 

An estimated 200 of our brothers and sisters will be able to pray at the same time in the masjid, completed with the support of our benefactors. Similarly, we meet the needs of the local people through the water well we drilled next to the masjid. With the masjid, we have provided a place where the local people can pray more comfortably.

The construction of the masjid, which started in October last year, ended after about four months. As of February, our brothers from Saga Sahara have reached their masjid. We would like to thank all our

benefactors who contributed to the construction of the masjid.

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