Within the scope of the Ramadan activities, 10 more trucks carrying humanitarian aid, 6 from Kocaeli and 4 from Bursa, were sent off to Syria to the accompaniment of prayers by the Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association. 

The send-off ceremony of the trucks, which held in Kocaeli, was honored by Zinnur Büyükgöz, the mayor of Gebze, Hamza Şayir, the mayor of Dilovası, Şükür Çakır, Hayrat Aid Kocaeli Representative, Deputy Mayors, council members and citizens. 

Continuing its activities fastidiously for a month, Hayrat Aid Kocaeli Representative Office sent off its 26th humanitarian aid truck to the needy war victims in Idlib as with the six more trucks within this month. The six humanitarian aid trucks carrying food packages, onions, and potatoes are expected to meet the needs of about 20 thousand war-weary people within the month of Ramadan. Şükür Çakır, Hayrat Aid Kocaeli Representative, expressed his gratitude by stating that Kocaeli municipalities contributed significantly to the aid activities carried out throughout Kocaeli and that the people of Kocaeli always did their part in helping. 

Thanks to the donations of philanthropists, the Hayrat humanitarian aid association sent off 4 more aid trucks in total, 1 of which loaded with food parcels, 2 of which loaded with potatoes, and 1 of which loaded with furniture to be used in the orphan education centers, to Syria from Bursa’s İnegöl to the accompaniment of prayers. The send-off ceremony of the trucks was honored by Eren Arslan, District Governor of İnegöl, Alper Taban, mayor of İnegöl, and Sabrihan Alemdar, Hayrat Foundation İnegöl Representative. Trucks carrying food for war-weary and refugees are expected to reach around 10,000 people.

The trucks carrying humanitarian aid and set off on April 28 are scheduled to reach the oppressed in the region after completing the procedures at Cilvegözü Border Gate on Monday, May 3. 

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