Hayrat Aid maintains their aids to the refugees

Turkey keeps on experiencing the sad results of the war that has been continuing in Syria for 3 years in Suruc. More than 130 thousand Syrian people enter into Turkey as refugees. Escaping from the attacks in approx. 60 villages and towns, Syrian people continue to enter into the Central and Suruc districts of Sanliurfa, while thousands of refugees waiting at the border. Condolence houses, mosques, grain storage, and schools are fully used for the accommodation requirements of the refugees.

While Turkey maintains their emergency aid efforts in the region, Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association is not late for meeting the immediate needs of the refugees. Continuing their works in the region with their compassionate and merciful hands, Hayrat Aid delivered their requirements for immediate aid to the region at the first stage. Milks and diapers immediately required by the children were distributed to the refugees in the region.

Maintaining their efforts in communication with the local authorities in the region, Hayrat Aid keeps on working in accordance with the instructions made by the officials of the coordination center established by the District Governorate and AFAD. They are in the region together with the teams in Urfa and Maras to immediately deliver the food, drink, and a variety of clothing aids as determined to those in need.

The major requirements in the region currently include diapers, baby food, medicine, blanket, food, and clothes.

You can make donations through online payments by credit card for our Syrian brothers.

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