Subjected to genocide with the attacks of Israel which have been continued for 28 days since Ramadan is Gaza. Now, despite temporarily, cease-fire is declared in Gaza, and the wounds have immediately started to be bound up.

Under the attacks of Israel, hundreds of people lost their lives, and thousands got injured. And hundred thousands of people were forced to leave their houses. With power lines and water channels being bombed, while the people have really hard times to survive, those got injured need immediate medical response and immediate medicine aids.

With the aids of the volunteers and donators of Hayrat Humanitarian Aid who do not avoid their helping hands, the aid packages prepared to meet their needs were delivered to Gaza.

Immediate aid of medicine and medical consumables valued at 40 thousand US Dollar in cooperation with the Doctors Worldwide, and staple food, bed, and medicine aid valued at 10 thousand US Dollar in cooperation with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation started to bind up the wounds of our Gazaian brothers.   

Heaving a sigh of relief with a 3-day cease-fire, Gazaian people now combat with hunger and poverty. You can also lend a helping hand to our Gazaian brothers who try to bind up their wounds through Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association. You can also salve the wounds of our brothers whose blood is shed. Click for online donation…

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