We cherish the memory of our sacred martyrs with the water wells we have opened all over the world. With the project “500 Water Wells In The Footsteps Of The Martyrs”, which started on July 1st 2021 and will last for 12 months, the wells to be drilled in arid regions in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chad, Cameroon, Togo and Niger will be named after the names of the martyrs. 


These wells, which we drilled with the protocol we signed with The Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey, will both meet the clean water needs of those in need and help cherish the sacred memory of the martyrs. One of the most crucial pillars of humanitarian aid is to provide clean water to arid areas today, where 785 million people have no access to clean water, and 2.3 billion are deprived of sanitation services. Hence, hundreds of thousands of children die of water pollution-related reasons every year, especially in certain parts of Africa. 

Half of the 10 million wells used in the country have been poisoned with native arsenic as a result of a dense population and economic woes in Bangladesh, where some of the wells will provide local people with clean water and will be constructed in the name of our sacred martyrs.  Due to the unhealthy water, a large number of the people in the region are forced to fight against dermatological and respiratory diseases. 

Research has also shown that the arsenical waters of these wells increase the risk of cancer. 

The situation is not much different in Afghanistan, where some of the wells will provide the needy with clean water and be drilled in the footsteps of the martyrs.  According to the report published by the Commercial Counselor of the Turkish Embassy in Kabul in 2017, the desertification has accelerated in the country as a result of the negative impact of years of conflict on the natural resources. The vast majority of Afghans do not have access to potable water.

Again, according to the research conducted in 2017 in Chad, which hosts some of the wells we drilled in Africa, the death toll of children who die of water pollution-related diseases is 19 thousand within a year. With the responsibility imposed on us by these tragic humanitarian plights that the world has witnessed, we strive to help the needy in arid geographies not to suffer anymore through the project “500 Water Wells In The Footsteps Of The Martyrs”. 

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