Hayrat Aid, with the project You Have An Orphan Brother/Sister that it has launched, protects orphans entrusted to the ummah in different parts of the world and prepares them for a brighter future. It responds to the needs of thousands of orphans who have difficulty meeting their basic needs such as education, healthcare, and shelter with its education centers. In Niger, which is among the poorest countries in the world, a large part of the population is fighting economic issues. Indeed, this situation negatively affects tens of thousands of orphans the most. They are trying to bear these current financial problems on their own. Let's relieve the burden on these children. 

Through Hayrat Aid, if you wish to support our orphan brothers and sisters in Niger by meeting their needs with the sense of spiritual brothers/sisters, you can either text YETİM to 3674 for 10 TL or make an online donation of any amount you wish on the website by clicking here. 

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