Heavy precipitation in the Western Black Sea region adversely affected life. Following the flood, we continue our efforts to respond to the need for humanitarian aid in the disaster area with our search and rescue and immediate support teams coming from various provinces. 

We continue to provide support without pausing to people in Kastamonu and Sinop provinces, where the flood was felt most severely. Due to the heavy precipitation starting on August 11th, destructive floods occurred in Kastamonu, Sinop, and Bartın. 

Following the destruction, which also included casualties, both search and rescue efforts and humanitarian aid activities continue in order to meet the needs of disaster victims in the region. As Hayrat Aid, we are there to deliver clothing and emergency supplies, notably hot meals and clean water, to the disaster victims in the region in order to heal their wounds.  


In Sinop’s Ayancık, one of the provinces with a large amount of precipitation per square meter, serious difficulties occurred as a result of the flood. We delivered your aid to 63 villages in the region where the destruction occurred with 35 vehicles.We keep providing aid to the villages whose roads were destroyed due to the flood in the region with the help of tractors. 

We also delivered 10 thousand food packages to those in need in another flood-stricken province, Kastamonu. We endeavor to satisfy the needs of thousands of flood victims through aid reaching Bozkurt, Abana, and İnebolu districts. We realized the distribution of 10 trucks of water reaching the region under the coordination of AFAD. 

We continue our efforts. 

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