Observed every year on 10 December, Human Rights Day that only people in certain countries can have even in the 21st century is the name of the day that reminds us of the free and democratic life brought about by being human and that every human being has equal rights in all matters regardless of religion, language, color, ethnicity, gender or nationality.

However, unfortunately, these rights of people in some countries worldwide are violated even today. Human rights are not even a matter of discussion in poor and undeveloped countries where wars occur, corruption, and malicious acts are all around.  

War crimes against humanity are constantly being committed in wars in the oppressed countries, and innocent civilians and children are losing their lives for some countries’ own ends.

Data from the UN reports that one child dies every 10 hours just in the Syrian war. Since 2011, more than 29,000 innocent children have lost their lives in the civil war. 

In Yemen, where 20 million people are in need of help, more than 1400 children have lost their lives, and more than 2140 have been injured since the conflict began in 2015. The warring parties recruited one thousand four hundred forty-one children, including an 8-year-old. The scary thing is that the actual data is much higher.

Believing in the principle that every man should have the right to life, education, healthcare, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, and the like, Hayrat Aid continues to deliver what’s theirs. 

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