We set out with 67 volunteer medics from Turkey for our Syrian brothers and sisters within our project “Heal Them with Goodness”. 200 different types of medication for 6000 patients, one electrocother, 4 surgery kits, 3 dentist kits. one MR unit, one ultrason were delievered. 2500 patients were examined and treated within the two days project at the refugee camp in Azez, Syria. Our brothers and sisters at the camp were given service in 9 different branch including internal diseases, gastroenterology, pediatry, dermatology, gynaecology, family practice, community health, emergency medicine and dentistry. It was observed during the examination that mostly the women and the children were affected by the bad conditions. It was also observed that the main reason of their health issues are related to the lack of nourishment and sanitation. Our volunteer doctors from Turkey didn’t forget to make the children happy. They gave away the gifts that they brought with them

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