The “Hayrat Village” with 250 houses takes a step into life with the attendance of Atty. Hakki Aygun, the Chairman of Hayrat Aid Association.

The Hayrat Village opens the door of living under better conditions for Syrian brothers who now put efforts to live under hard conditions with a living area of 500 people consisting of 250 houses.

The unceasing war in Syria confined approx. 6 million people to living away from both their houses and their countries. Many Syrian people have to take shelter in the schools and tent cities located in other regions. The pursuits of new places for the refugees who have taken shelter in the schools have started to eliminate the cooling of weather and to meet the training requirement. Hayrat Aid Association has established a village in Salkin town of Idipli district of Syria for the refugees there by lending a compassionate hand. Many of the refugees from Hama, Homs, Latakia, Aleppo, and Turkmen villages were settled down in this village.

All the requirements for these houses constructed with two rooms including food are met by the Hayrat Aid Association.


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