We held the Quran conference in Izmir's Buca district as part of the World Reads The Quran Project, which has helped millions of African Muslims, who are incapable of reaching the Quran due to financial difficulties, reach the Holy Quran.We tried to convey the difficulties confronted by hafizes in Africa to the participants through the presentation of African hafizes about the Quranic writing board (Lawh). 

The African continent has been struggling not only with material dimensions of exploitation but also with its moral and cultural dimensions. Along with the exploitation of the ground and underground sources of local people for centuries, widely enslaving efforts that caused people in the region to lose touch with their historical, national roots and forget about their kinship led to cultural destruction in the continent. 

We can see the reflections of this destruction among Muslin societies as well. 

On the other hand, the efforts to memorize the Quran of Muslim societies, deprived of all kinds of material and moral bases, have remained unfinished as well as the people, disidentified and Christianised. If need be, they memorized the Quran by writing the verses both on the sand, bark, and wooden boards.Today brothers and sisters in Africa keep memorizing the Holy Quran, benefiting from its divine light and protecting it. 

Hayrat Aid continues to periodically deliver the Noble Quran to the region within The World Reads The Quran Project, launched in an effort to contribute to these efforts. 

The number of the distributed Quran so far is about to reach one million. 

Prospective hafizes and Quran students have the opportunity to continue their studies thanks to these delivered Qurans. On Saturday, October 9th, the Hayrat Aid Izmir Representative Office held a conference in order to draw attention to the project and convey the difficulties that hafizes in Africa confront during their studies. 

All the proceeds from the night, which started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and went forward with the Quran recitation presentations of African hafizes from the wooden boards and the Holy Quran draws, went directly to the Quran students in Africa. 

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