We are building a new place of worship for our brothers and sisters, who perform salah on hot sand and under the scorching heat of the sun, in order to help spread the Islam in the region with the mosque project that we have launched in North Horr province of Kenya, where the Muslim rate has falllen below 70% as a result of various activities carried out by non-Muslims while 100% of them were Muslims in the recent past.  

We believe that the mosques that are means for us to come together will also strengthen the senses of unity, solidarity and brotherhood for our Kenyan brothers and sisters. Activities carried out by non-Muslims continue to harm our Muslim brothers and sisters in Kenya, where Muslims make up %12 its total population. With this mosque to be built by us in North Horr province will be an important step in helping Islam spread and increasing the number of the Muslims in the region. 

To support the project of The North Horr Mosque, you can either text CAMİ to 3674 for 10 TL, or donate online any amount you wish on our website to the bank account numbers. May Allah the Almighty accept your donations you will make. 

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