Health Zakat

Babies are vulnerable and always in need of help. Their needs are met by their parents. We assist parents who lack access to food due to harsh conditions to feed their babies better with baby foods that we provide and thus, we receive prayers from them. 


It is newborn babies and children who suffer from wars and poverty the most. Although deserving to live on in peace and security, innocent babies who first see the light of day in the shadow of bombs and guns are waiting for us to help them.


It is babies who suffer the most from this situation while the state of war and poverty of which it is a part of Syria, Arakan and Africa’s fate are still continuing. We do not leave babies and children alone. We prepare special baby biscuits and send them to regions in need.


Let us not leave the innocent and keep them away from the terrible face of war psychologically and materially.

To support:

• You can donate online through our website.

• Text MAMA to 3674 for ₺20 (on all GSM operators in Türkiye)

Have you checked these donations?

Goodness Has No Obstacle

Goodness Has No Obstacle

Donation Amount
Palestine Emergency Response (Medical Supplies)

We are delivering urgently needed medical supplies to our brothers and sisters in Gaza.

Donation Amount
Psychosocial Health Support for Refugees

We will provide psychosocial health care to help our brothers and sisters who have witnessed the atrocities of war deal with the trauma they have endured.

Donation Amount