Everyday, the number of deaths is increasing due to the Tsunami triggered by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7,5 in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. According to the most recent data 1.500 people died and more than 2.500 people got injured. More than 61.000 earthquake victims lost their houses and are temporarily placed in refuges. Five days after the earthquake disaster another bad new came from Indonesia with the volcanic eruption. The casualties are still a matter of question.

Due to the damage caused by the earthquake, it is very difficult to help the victims. Therefore, the aid of the local rescue squad is insufficient. So, we set off with our crew as we were informed about it. With our trucks full of basic aid supplies like water, food and clothes we reached the earthquake zone in Palu City.

We, as Hayrat Aid, are giving aid to Palu, Indonesia for about one week. As it will take a lot of time to heal the wounds of the victims, we will continue our assistance. You as well can reach for the earthquake victims with your donations.

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