Health is not just the absence of illness and disability, but a kind of well-being of the person in physical and spiritual terms The World Health Organization (WHO) describes health as "a state of good physical, mental and social well-being as a whole, not only protection from diseases and microorganisms." Although access to primary health care is one of the most fundamental rights, millions of people today live without basic health care. Most countries that make the least use of health care are located in the African continent. In Syria and Arakan, where war and crisis are ongoing, health remains as a basic necessity.  


As a result of the consultation we carried out at our association headquarters in April 2017, it was decided to establish the Hayrat Aid Health Unit with the basic slogan of "Health Shall Come with Kindness" as a result of being aware of the crisis world faces today.


Within the scope of our project named "Health Shall Come with Kindness", we performed health screenings of 96 orphan students in Şanlıurfa. Our children are healthy, no severe diseases have been detected.


The volunteer doctors in our Hayrat Aid Health Unit have provided outpatient services to 250 brothers and sisters in the medical examinations conducted in refugee camps on the border between Bangladesh and Arakan between the dates November 13-18, 2017. In general, upper respiratory tract infection, diarrhea, skin diseases and joint disorders were monitored among the patients. Complaints of malnutrition, high fever, diarrhea and upper respiratory tract infections were present among infants and children.


In addition, we will perform a Health Screening for 2,000 refugees around the İğde camp in Azez region with a team of 11 people between the dates December 16-17, 2017 within the scope of our campaign named "Let Them be Healthy with Goodness".

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