Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association paid our 23 Palestinian brothers brought to Turkey to be treated a visit for moral and support. This visit made by the Istanbul Agency of Hayrat Aid cheered up the sad hearts.

During the visit made by the Kartal Training and Research Hospital, it was conveyed to our Palestinian brother that their sorrow will be shared, their troubles will be listened to, and their wounds will be salved, and as Hayrat Humanitarian Aid, we will always provide support.

Getting informed about the status of the patients during the visit, Hayrat Aid teams did not neglect to present their gifts to the patients and attendants.

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23 Palestinians including 14 children who got wounded during the attacks and could not receive treatment in their country were brought to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport by a C130 type military aircraft owned by Turkish Air Forces departed from Tel Aviv. Welcomed by Mr. Emrullah Isler, the deputy prime minister, the wounded people were brought to Pendik Training and Research Hospital of Marmara University and Dr. Lutfi Kirdar Kartal Training and Research Hospital by approx. 20 ambulances kept ready at the airport and with the help of UMKE healthcare teams, and were given medical treatment there.

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