This year, we found the opportunity to reach our 1,619,970 brothers with your support in our Qurban journey, which we went out with the slogan “Let goodness spread through the Qurban”. Hayrat Yardım, which has been continuing its charitable activities in many different countries of the world since its establishment, has also delivered your assistance to needy families quickly and safely this year. Your victims, whom you entrusted to us with the 2020 sacrifice organization, were instrumental in happiness in the households of hundreds of thousands of families, soup on their tables, and smiles on their faces. Our brothers, who had the opportunity to eat meat once a year in some lands, again got what they expected on the occasion of this sacrifice.

The families of 20,510 victims of the war in Syria have also been given hope. We spread goodness with qurban for our brothers and sisters who were vulnerable and in need of help with the civil war they experienced.

From Palestine to Arakan, from Syria to Yemen, we have spread goodness with your sacrifices in 34 countries, including Turkey. We have not forgotten our brothers in need, and we have been with them this year.

We're all partners in the joy of tiny hearts. We delivered Eid clothes to the children who were looking forward to Eid al-Adha, and again we were instrumental in their joy together. We reached the needy all over the world without being intimidated or tired, and we made the orphans laugh.

Your support became their hope. We would like to thank all of our donors who have “promised the goodness” in support of our 2020 victims organization.

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