As Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association, we have reached the goal of 1 million in 35 countries in 6 years within “The World Reads The Quran Project,” which we have been running with the support of valuable donors.Our goal was to reach millions of people working on the Quran with limited means due to economic problems. 


From Lawh To The Quran

In this direction, we have reached the goal of 1 million with the support of our benefactors for six years. Despite living in Islamic lands, some Muslims can reach the Quran with very limited means, while others cannot. The culture to memorize the Quran from the lawh, a wooden tablet to write passages out of the Quran on and primarily used in Africa and partly encountered in Asia, is enough to prove how local people have resisted material and moral exploitation. The fact that the local Muslim people have to memorize the Quran by writing the passages from it on the wooden boards called lawh arises out of the necessity of finding a solution to the lack of the Quran due to the financial impossibilities. 

Besides the humanitarian aid activities we perform actively in the region, we started to provide those in need having to continue their Quranic education with limited means in the region with the Qurans by launching the project “The World Reads The Quran” in 2016. The project “The World Reads The Quran” aims to provide the Quran to those in need who have no access to the Quran worldwide. Thanks to the project starting with the distribution of 50.000 copies of the Quran in Sudan in 2016, we distributed a total of 225.230 copies of the Quran in 16 countries, including Turkey, in 2018. We reached half of the goal in the first half of 2020 through the distribution that continued at full speed during the following two years. 

We handed out a total of 500.000 copies of the Quran together with the 20.000 ones in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The total number of the copies of the Qurans that we distributed in 21 countries by the end of 2020 was 642.033. We increased this number to 979.033 by distributing 337.000 copies of the Quran in 15 countries through the project that continued in 2021.  Along with 40.000 copies of the Quran distributed by Hayrat Aid in Sudan in 2022, we distributed 1.019.033 copies to those in need and reached the goal of 1 million copies of the Quran. 

The needy in Turkey were not ignored within the project “The World Reads The Quran,” mainly ongoing in Africa in order to respond to the necessity in African countries. We delivered 94.500 copies of the Quran to those in need in Turkey. While distributing 90.094 copies of the Quran in Sudan, 90.872 in Kenya, 83.044 in Tanzania, and 50.664 in Somalia, we also united 48.089 copies in Nigeria, 38.860 in Ghana, 32.624 in Cameroon, and 32.400 in the Gambia with those in need. 

Likewise, the regions in need of the Quran in Asia were not ignored. We delivered 32.444 copies in Indonesia, 32.510 in Afghanistan, and 17.500 in Iraq and Syria to those in need. With the distribution that we realized in the Balkans, we provided people in need with 32.580 copies of the Quran in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 20.198 in Macedonia, and 5.086 in Albania. Apart from this data, we kept distributing thousands of the Quran which is the word of Allah in 18 countries with the support of donors, thereby getting the message of Allah to people. As Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association, we continue to provide financial and moral support to those in need through Ramadan, Qurban, Water Well, Health, Emergency Aid, Education, and Sustainable Development projects in 70 countries and on five continents with our 300 coordination centers in Turkey and our coordinators in 25 various countries. Here, we would like to express our gratitude to all philanthropists who do not refrain from supporting with their kind donations. 

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